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Alburquerque is a novel that richly blends fantasy with history, producing a tale that can be read as political allegory - Rudolfo Anaya.

"In a multicultural setting, artists from each group must be free to interpret the world from their own perspective." - Rudolfo Anaya

Frank Waters wrote a story about the man who killed a deer which inspired Rudolfo Anaya to write a short story "Devil Deer".

Joanne Wilkinson describes Rudolfo Anaya's "Jalmanta" and confirms that the novel is at its best when depicting the special relationship between Fatimah and Jalamanta.

A review of Rudolfo Anaya's La Llorona by David J. Corwell.

William Clark discusses about Anaya's novels such as Zia Summer, Alburquerque, Bless Me, Ultima, Heart of Aztlan, Tortuga and Farolitos of Christmas.


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