Published Works of Rudolfo Anaya

Rudolfo Anaya is a prolific writer who has produced work in every literary genre. This online bibliography includes Anaya's 16 novels, 10 children's works, 6 plays, poetry, and 12 non-fiction works. His work deals with themes of Chicano/a culture, religion and myth. Several of the books have been reissued and published in various editions, including large-print, books-on-tape and DVD, in various languages, and as graphic novels. See the Editions section of each work for a complete list of printings and formats.


Bless Me, Última (1972)

Bless Me, Ultima is Rudolfo Anaya's first novel, written around 1970 and published in 1972.

Heart of Aztlán (1976)

Heart of Aztlán is the second novel in a trilogy begun with Bless Me, Ultima and concluded with Tortuga.

Tortuga (1979)

This is Anaya's third novel, in which he utilizes his own childhood experience of being temporarily crippled in a swimming accident to create a semi-ficitonal story.

The Legend of La Llorona: A Short Novel (1984)

A short novel published in 1984, in which Anaya reconstructs the famous story of La Llorona, delving into the tale's historical origins, mythological powers, and communal functio

Lord of the Dawn : The Legend of Quetzalcóatl (1987)

Lord of the Dawn is Anaya's exploration of the cosmology and the rich and complex spiritual thought of his Native American ancestors.

Alburquerque (1992)

"Alburquerque is a rich and tempestuous book, full of love and compassion, the complex and exciting skullduggery of politics, and the age-old quest for roots, identity, family. . . .

Zia Summer (1995)

This is the first mystery novel in the Sonny Baca Series, published in 1995.

Jalamanta : A Message from the Desert (1996)

In this short novel, Anaya experiments with a new style of writing: a New Age parable.

Rio Grande Fall (1996)

Sonny Baca Series, v.2. Praised as a founder of Chicano literature, Rudolfo Anaya is famed for capturing the ethnic flavor of New Mexico.

Shaman Winter (1999)

Sonny Baca Series, v.3. A mystery fantasy on PI Sonny Baca of Albuquerque, New Mexico, as he tries to outwit the evil spirit, Raven.

Serafina's Stories (2004)

A novella that features Hispanic and Native American folk stores told by the fictional character, Serafina.

Jemez Spring (2005)

Sonny Baca Series, v.4.

Randy Lopez Goes Home (2011)

Readers acquainted with Anaya's fiction will find themselves in familiar territory here. Randy Lopez, like all Anaya's protagonists, is on a spiritual quest.

Short Story Collections

Silence of the Llano : Short Stories (1982)

A collection of stories by the renowned New Mexico author, Rudolfo Anaya. - Worldcat

The Man Who Could Fly (2006)

A collection of short stories published in 2006.

Children's Literature

The Farolitos of Christmas (1995)

Richly colored full-page paintings show a Chicano family that is part of a New Mexico community.

Maya's Children: The Story of La Llorona (1997)

Anaya's adaptation of the legend of La Llorona into a children's book. La Llorona, or the crying woman, is a legend known in many forms and versions across Latin America.

Farolitos for Abuelo (1999)

Readers again meet Luz and her grandfather, introduced in The Farolitos of Christmas (Hyperion, 1995), shortly before he passes away.

My Land Sings: Stories from the Rio Grande (1999)

A collection of ten original and traditional stories set in New Mexico, including "Lupe and la Llorona," "The Shepherd Who Knew the Language of Animals," and "Coyote and Raven." --UNM Library

Elegy on the Death of César Chávez (2000)

Chicano novelist Rudolfo Anaya was greatly influenced by the heroic life of labor and civil rights activist César Chávez.

Roadrunner's Dance (2000)

In this original folkloric tale, Desert Woman creates "a new animal," with input from the existing desert creatures, to stand up to Rattlesnake, the self-styled "king of the road." She gathers clay

The Santero's Miracle: A Bilingual Story (2004)

Andrés's grandpa Don Jacobo is a master santero, a carver of wooden saints, and the 10-year-old helps him make a statue of San Isidro during his holiday break from school.

The Curse of the ChupaCabra (2006)

The legendary ChupaCabra, the goatsucker, is set loose in the streets, like the meth that is destroying its young victims' minds. --from book's flap

The First Tortilla (2007)

A bilingual retelling of a traditional Mexican folktale about the making of tortillas.

ChupaCabra and the Roswell UFO (2008)

This fast-paced mystery expands the ChupaCabra folklore into a metaphor that deals with the new powers inherent in science. --from book's flap

How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico (2012)

How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico is a fanciful folk tale that helps explain the beautiful flowers that can be seen in all parts of the Southwest in the summer and fall.

Narrative Poetry

The Old Man's Love Story (2013)

Anaya’s reflections, as shared through the experiences of this old man, point to the power and importance of love at every stage of life.

Published Excerpts from Anaya's Works

Voices from the Rio Grande (1976)

Selections from the first Rio Grande Writers Conference, published in 1976.

Translations (Retellings) in English

Cuentos: Tales from the Hispanic Southwest (1980)

An English and Spanish rewriting of selections from J.B. Rael's Cuentos españoles de Colorado y Nuevo México. --from the UNM Library

Anthologies Edited by Anaya

Ceremony of Brotherhood (1981)

An anthology of stories commemorating the pueblo revolt of 1680.

Cuentos Chicanos (1984)

A collection of twenty-one short stories in English and Spanish that demonstrate the changes and developments that have occured in the Chicano literary tradition over the last twenty years.

Voces: An Anthology of Nuevo Mexicano Writers (1987)

A collection of writings by different authors from New Mexico, edited by Rudolfo Anaya.


A Chicano in China (1986)

Anaya's travelogue, written on his trip to China in 1984.

Flow of the River (1988)

Rudolfo Anaya has contributed the intoduction to this publication by the Hispanic Culture Foundation, which celebrates the art, architecture, literature, and other cultural traditions in New Mexico

Descansos: An Interrupted Journey (1995)

With prose by Rudolfo Anaya, poetry by Denise Chavez, and photography by Juan Estevan Arellano, this volume reflects on the New Mexican tradition of erecting white cross altars on sideroads to come

Muy Macho: Latino Men Confront Their Manhood (1996)

"This volume includes 16 essays written by Latino male writers discussing how they see themselves in relation to society's concept of adult manhood.

Anthologies of Anya's Writings

The Anaya Reader (1995)

An anthology of selections from Rudolfo Anaya's various published works, including  excerpts from Bless Me Ulima, Turtuga, and Zia Summer, as well as poems, plays, a

The Essays (2009)

A collection of essays by Rudolfo Anaya that address a wide range of issues, including censorship, racism, education, and sexual politics, as well as the tragedies and triumphs of his own life.

Published Plays

Billy the Kid and Other Plays (2011)

A collection of plays written by rudolfo Anaya, including The season of La Llorona, The farolitos of Christmas, Who killed Don José?, Matachines, Ay, compadre!, Billy the Kid, and Ang

Narrative Poetry

The Adventures of Juan Chicaspatas (1985)

A mock-epic in narrative poetry in which Rudolfo Anaya reimagines the history of the Southwest mixing ancient and contemporary lore.

Anthologies Edited by Anaya

Aztlán: Essays on the Chicano Homeland (1989)

A collection of essays discussing the concept of Aztlan, the mythological homeland of the Chicano movement.

Tierra: Contemporary Short Fiction of New Mexico (1989)

"These 25 eminently readable stories by New Mexicans, many anthologized for the first time, reflect the heterogeneity of the state and its residents; alike only in that each expresses a unique resp

Published Poetry

Poems from the Rio Grande (2015)

A collection of poems written over a few decades. This book showcases Anaya's skill as a poet as well as a fiction writer.