Art and Literature Contest Awards Program where writer Rudolfo Anaya presented the Literature Awards.

Rudolfo Anaya receives a National Medal of Arts for 2001 from then President George Bush.

Nericcio believes that 'Jalamanta' is one of Anaya's misbegotten literary experiment.

A review of Jalamanta : A message from the dessert by Victor Perera.

The article discusses about works of New Mexican writers including Rudolfo Anaya's play "Who Killed Don Jose?" 

Theatrical presentation of "Ay, Compadre!" written by Rudolfo Anaya and directed by Cecelia Aragon.

Cecelia Aragon directs 'Ay Compadre'.

An immediate press release of the opening of Rudolfo Anaya's bilingual play Angie along with a handwritten note about Anaya's significance in Chicano Theatre.

Billy the kid, el Bilito, has a history in New Mexico. Rudolfo Anaya shows onstage the Kid Hispanics loved and Anglos hated - Richard Benke.

A review of Rudolfo Anaya's La Llorona by David J. Corwell.


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