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Novelist Anaya wove for his granddaughter a tale of traditions crossing the generations - Sue Holmes.

'Farolitos For Abuelo' continues the story of the life of Luz and her grandfather, from 'The Farolitos of Christmas'.

With the illustration by Edward Gonzales of every New Mexican children can identify with the book's imagery.

Anaya reads from his work in Richardson Auditorium on the East Campus of Del Mar College and in the auditorium of the Art Museum of South Texas.

El Paso artist Gaspar Enriquez illustrated the cover for Rudolfo Anaya's next book, "An Elegy on the Death of Cesar Chavez".

"Albuquerque, Anaya's first novel  in more that 10 years is a juicy tale about family, politics and a city where different cultures - Chicano, Anglo and Native American - jostle for power." - Susan Miller

Anaya talks about his third novel Tortuga and the difiiculty in revealing the emotions that all the kids and he had gone through.

In the journal Rudolfo Anaya writes about his impressions of the communication that he had with the people of China. 

"The event celebrated the author Rudolfo Anaya and teacher's work, as well as a scholarship created in his name." - Joe Buffaloe

David Steinberg gives the review of Rudolfo Anaya's The Man Who Could Fly.


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