Rio Grande Fall, Typescript, Slightly Edited, Pages 1-157 (Part 1 of 3).

This is the first part of an early version of Rio Grande Fall. This early manuscript, completed in September of 1993, shows fully developed chapters and contains some minor edits and a few handwritten comments.

Rio Grande Fall, Typescript and Holographic Notes, Pages 1-113.

The first rough draft of Rio Grande Fall, which Anaya began working on in Bellagio, Italy, in September of 1991. This is an incomplete manuscript that is not fully developed. It contains some handwritten notes and edits.

Jalamanta, Revised Typescript.

A revised draft of Jalamanta as the novel get close to publication. This manuscripts, which incorporates previous corrections and suggestions, contains minor handwritten edits.

Jalamanta, Original Manuscript for Publication.

This is the full and final draft of Jalamanta as it was submitted for publication to Warners Books in 1996. The manuscript contains editorial comments and corrections, mostly addressing minor language and style concerns.

Jalamanta, Revised Typescript, Heavily Edited.

A revised version of Jalamanta, dated November 1994. The draft shows the novel in its later stages of development, and the handwritten editorial notes feature minor stylistic and structural edits.

Jalamanta, Typescript.

This draft of Jalamanta, dated October 1994, shows the novel in its later stages of development. There are handwritten notes and comments concerning minor stylistic and structural changes.

Jalamanta, Edited Typescript.

This draft of Jalamanta shows the novel in its more advanced stages of development, with minor stylistic and structural edits.

Jalamanta, Revised, Edited Typescript,

This draft of Jalamanta, dated June 1994, is a revised manuscript that incorporates previous edits. The typescript contains new editorial corrections and minor suggestions.

Jalamanta, Edited Typescript.

An edited draft of Jalamanta, dated March 1994. The manuscript is fully developed, and the marginal editorial notes focus on unifying and cohering the novel’s plot and themes.


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