Manuscripts for Bless Me, Ultima

For his first novel, Bless Me, Ultima, Rudolfo Anaya produced multiple initial drafts, 4 of which are available here. The Rudolfo Anaya Papers collection also contains 2 sets of page proofs, and drafts of Alicia Smithers Spanish translation of the work. The original manuscript documents are in the collections of the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico Libraries. The complete collection finding aid is available on the Rocky Mountain Online Archive (RMOA) Website.

Bless Me, Ultima, Edited Typescript, First Draft. (MSS 321 BC / B01-F01)

This is the first draft of Bless Me, Ultima. The this early draft manuscript is typed and includes handwritten edits by the author. There is also a hand drawn map illustration on page 92 of the draft, and it appears the typewriter ribbon was changed in the middle of typing page 181.

Bless Me, Ultima, Carbon Typescript - Finished Draft (MSS 321 BC / B01-F02)

This work is a carbon copy of a mature draft of Bless Me, Ultima. It does include some light hand corrections and edits by the author. The draft was completed during April and May of 1970.

Bless Me, Ultima, Carbon Typescript, Pages 165-363. (MSS 321 BC / B01-F04)

This is the second half of a carbon typescript of Bless Me, Ultima. The draft, which Anaya was working on in 1978, contains minor handwritten edits. Because this is a copy, the readability of the manuscript varies greatly, with many faint or faded pages in which the print is barely legible.