Published Works of Rudolfo Anaya

Rudolfo Anaya is a prolific writer who has produced work in every literary genre. This online bibliography includes Anaya's 16 novels, 10 children's works, 6 plays, poetry, and 12 non-fiction works. His work deals with themes of Chicano/a culture, religion and myth. Several of the books have been reissued and published in various editions, including large-print, books-on-tape and DVD, in various languages, and as graphic novels. See the Editions section of each work for a complete list of printings and formats.


Bless Me, Última (1972)

Bless Me, Ultima is Rudolfo Anaya's first novel, written around 1970 and published in 1972.

Heart of Aztlán (1976)

Heart of Aztlán is the second novel in a trilogy begun with Bless Me, Ultima and concluded with Tortuga

Tortuga (1979)

This is Anaya's third novel, in which he utilizes his own childhood experience of being temporarily crippled in a swimming accident to create a sem

The Legend of La Llorona: A Short Novel (1984)

A short novel published in 1984, in which Anaya reconstructs the famous story of La Llorona, delving into the tale's historical

Lord of the Dawn : The Legend of Quetzalcóatl (1987)

Lord of the Dawn is Anaya's exploration of the cosmology and the rich and complex spiritual thought of his Native American ances

Alburquerque (1992)

"Alburquerque is a rich and tempestuous book, full of love and compassion, the complex and exciting skullduggery of politics, and the age-

Zia Summer (1995)

This is the first mystery novel in the Sonny Baca Series, published in 1995.

Jalamanta : A Message from the Desert (1996)

In this short novel, Anaya experiments with a new style of writing: a New Age parable.

Rio Grande Fall (1996)

Sonny Baca Series, v.2.

Shaman Winter (1999)

Sonny Baca Series, v.3.

Serafina's Stories (2004)

A novella that features Hispanic and Native American folk stores told by the fictional character, Serafina.

Jemez Spring (2005)

Sonny Baca Series, v.4.

Short Story Collections

Silence of the Llano : Short Stories (1982)

A collection of stories by the renowned New Mexico author, Rudolfo Anaya. - Worldcat

The Man Who Could Fly (2006)

A collection of short stories published in 2006.