Muy Macho: Latino Men Confront Their Manhood

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Rudolfo A. Anaya

"This volume includes 16 essays written by Latino male writers discussing how they see themselves in relation to society's concept of adult manhood. All the essayists are literary figures in the U.S. Latino community The essays suggest problems with the stereotypical perception of Latin American 'machismo,' which traditionally includes images of self-aggrandizing behavior and displays of physical and sexual dominance. Most of the essays examine the relationship of sons to fathers in often difficult circumstances. The result is a definition of the Latino male that is more sympathetic and complex than that suggested by the term macho. The quality of the essays varies, but the contributions by Gonzalez and novelist Rudolfo Anaya are particularly insightful. The book greatly aids our understanding of Latino culture in the United States." --Mark L. Grover, Library Journal


Rudolfo Anaya's essay, "'I'm the King: The Macho Image," offers commentary on the cultural significance and symbolism of the strong, dominant, Hispanic male, especially in relation to traditional gender roles.