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The Aztlan Literary Award Winner Mary Helen Lagasee author of The Fifth Sun will give a lecture entitled, Breaking Barrio images: A Voice from the Deep South.

Rudolfo Anaya is congratulated by President Bush and first lady Laura Bush after being awarded a National Medal of Arts at a ceremony.

Rudolfo Anaya has sketched a history of albuquerque within the framework of his novel.

The short work is full of after-death conversations between the old man and the woman.

Rudolfo Anaya and Teresa Marquez discuss the author's books.

Rudolfo Anaya and a host of other writers help fight hunger this week

Dean of Chicano writers, Rudolfo Anaya explains why it is hard to write short than long.

The journal asks various New Mexican leaders to tell the readers what it means to them to be a New Mexican.

Charlotte Black interviews author Rudolfo Anaya.

President Bush announced that author Rudolfo Anaya will receive a National Medal of Arts for 2001.


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