Author Rudolfo Anaya writes review on La Llorona, El Kookooee, and Sexuality.

Introduction of collection of prose and poetry by contemporary writers from the Nuevo Mexicano community.

A review of "Aztlan: Essays on the Chicano Homeland" by Max Martinez of San Antonio who has a new collection of fiction.

An excerpt from a commencement address presented by Rudolfo A. Anaya to the 1978 graduating class of Albuquerque Public School.

Author Rudolfo Anaya writes an account of his life in the autobiography.

Author Rudolfo Anaya is a panelist in a discussion of "Aztlan: Approaches to the Chicano Homeland" at the National Association for Chicano Studies conference.

Frank Waters wrote a story about the man who killed a deer which inspired Rudolfo Anaya to write a short story "Devil Deer".

James R. Hepworth writes a review about Frank Waters and William Stafford.

Blue Mesa Review which publishes the works of regional writers has not changed it's philosophy with David Johnson elected after Anaya stepped down as editor.



The draft of Rudolfo Anaya's "Jalamanta".


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