Criticism and Interpretation

Biographical information about Rudolfo Anaya maintained by the Western Literature Association.

Bill Johnson highly applauds Rudolfo Anaya's Bless Me, Ultima for being totally beautiful, poetic book.

An assurance was made for the future that there would be a committee, made up of students, teachers and parents, to institute guidelines for required reading.

Rudolfo Anaya's seminal work has been met with banning attempts ever since its first publication in 1972 - Parl Talchert.

Parents at Kansas want the reading curriculum of Blue Valley School to be changed. 

Published in 1990, Focus on Criticism was the first critical anthology dedicated to a Chicano author.

In this volume, published in 1999, Margarite Fernández Olmos provides an overview and analysis of several novels by Rudolfo Anaya, including Bless Me Ultima (1972), Heart of Aztlán (1976), Tortuga (1979), Alburquerque (1992), Zia summer

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